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Traveller magazine is the UK's longest-running travel magazine; since 1970 it has reported on the real experience of travelling the world, publishing articles by today's leading explorers, adventurers, photographers and travel writers, as well as tips and opinions from our destination specialists.

Traveller Magazine - Vol 54 No 1 2024

Welcome to the spring issue of Traveller. In an ode to the season, Nick Maes celebrates the many gardens of Marrakech, plus we saddle up in Arizona, and wonder at the wetlands of Brazil’s Pantanal, home to the elusive jaguar.

Just as elusive is a shadowy leopard we catch a glimpse of in the company of award-winning photographers Jonathan and Angela Scott. And, there are further sightings of wildlife in Madagascar and along Australia’s dazzling Sapphire Coast. Justine Hardy takes us to the romantic shores of Nantucket, while Simon Urwin finds worship and awe among the heady heights of Bhutan. We also explore the splendid landscapes of Iceland and Norway, join a short stay in Spain, indulge in the culinary delights of Malaysia and France, and gain an appreciation of Japanese art.


Dream On: Philippines
Simon Urwin marvels at the rice terraces of Banaue

Eyewitness: Marrakech
Nick Maes explores the wild and formal gardens away from the bustle

Portrait of a City: George Town
Simon Urwin gets a taste for Malaysia’s melting pot

Eyewitness: Nantucket
Justine Hardy reports from the whaling capital turned beachcomber resort

Eyewitness: Madagascar
Hilary Bradt conveys her lifelong enchantment with the island country and its wildlife

Visions: Arizona
Simon Urwin saddles up in Saguaro National Park

Eyewitness: Sapphire Coast
James Litston escapes to watery adventures and wildlife encounterst

Visions: Bhutan
Simon Urwin visits a thriving incense-making workshop in Thimphu

Wildlife Watch: Kenya
Jonathan and Angela Scott track down a leopard called Shadow

Visions: Iceland
Emma Willsteed roams the rugged Snæfellsnes peninsula

Eyewitness: Andalusia
Caleb Azumah Nelson crosses the Guadalquivir in Seville

Visions: Norway
Sinean Callery visits wild waters, shallow valleys and storm-swept plateaus

A Moveable Feast: Provence
Carolyn Boyd joins the celebrations at Menton’s Fête du Citron


Guest: Ranulph Fiennes
The veteran explorer looks back on a life of record-breaking adventure

Five Places That Changed My Life
Jassa Ahluwalia revisits moments of joy, despair and ageless wisdom

News & Reviews

Cruise: South America
The wilderness waters of the Pantanal and Tierra del Fuego

Hotels: Italy
Two of the best from Baglioni in Puglia and Sardinia

Art of Travel: Japan
The woodblock prints and paintings of ukiyo-e

New releases to inspire and inform, including a new poem by Salena Godden

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Traveller Magazine - Vol 54 No 1 2024 title

Traveller Magazine - Vol 53 No 2 2023

Welcome to the latest issue of Traveller. In this autumn edition, we cling to the memory of summer’s warmth with some sun and sea in Sicily, before taking a relaxing tour of Europe’s finest wine trail hotels. Also close to home, our writers cruise Norway’s wild west coast, and explore Lyon’s masterly architecture.

Further afield, there’s a look ahead to springtime in Canada, while the natural world also takes centre stage in Costa Rica and Kenya’s Masai Mara. Sticking with Africa, we wander among the ancient souks of Fez in Morocco, while in Asia there’s the chance to uncover the secrets of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat and step off the beaten track to explore the Silk Road city of Samarkand. 


Visions: Lyon
The beautiful Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière

Portrait of a City: Fez
Kevin Pilley is led a merry dance through the senses-laden souks

Portrait of a City: Samarkand
Emma Willsteed is captivated by the coast of Connemara

Picture This: Sicily
Francesco Lastrucci explores Ortigia, the historic island centre of Syracuse

Visions: Sydney
Justine Hardy is sucked back in time to Australia’s bicentenary celebrations

Eyewitness: Australia
James Litston takes an enthralling expedition cruise out of Kimberley

Eyewitness: Norway
A 15-day cruise whisks Simon Urwin along the wild west coast

Dream On: Costa Rica
The golden sands and azure sea of Manzanillo beach

Changing World: Kenya
Jonathan and Angie Scott set out a new code of safari etiquette

Visions: Trees of the world
Standing proud in ageless beauty

Eyewitness: Canada
Dive into the wild bounty and high adventure of spring


Profile: Dervla Murphy
Colin Thubron celebrates the passion and adventure of an exemplary traveller

Five Places That Changed My Life
Sunny Singh senses wonder and belonging

News & Reviews

Hotels: European Wine Trail
Stunning villas with cellars to die for

New releases to inspire and inform

Art of Travel: The Globemakers
Inside the artisan studios of Bellerby & Co.

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Traveller Magazine - Vol 53 No 2 2023 title

Traveller Magazine - Vol 53 No 1 2023

With spring finally here, our writers and photographers have taken to the waterways of the world, going to school with the gondoliers of Venice, drifting among the wildlife of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, and joining an expedition to Australia’s Kimberley coast. We also spend time in great destinations born from their positions on ancient maritime trading routes – Hoi An, Singapore and Istanbul – and flit between the Danish Riviera, the island delights of St Kitts, and pretty Omey off the western edge of Ireland’s Connemara.

Away from the waves, there are some unexpected delights, from the exciting food scene in Birmingham, Alabama to fine wines in Azerbaijan. There’s food for thought too, with TV zoologist Megan McCubbin discussing the importance of wildlife conservation; Anthony Sattin’s fine piece on the nomadic way of life; and some stunning Aboriginal art. We also step inside a collection of Portugal’s historic pousada hotels, all works of art in themselves, but also perfectly placed to explore some of the country’s finest attractions. 


Dream On: Vietnam
Simon Urwin explores the timeless trading port of Hoi An

Portrait of a City: Istanbul
Nick Maes surveys birds, bazaars and the Bosphorus

Visions: Ireland
Emma Willsteed is captivated by the coast of Connemara

Eyewitness: Singapore
Simon Urwin examines the culture and cuisine of the Lion City

Eyewitness: Denmark
Jonathan Lorie sets out from Copenhagen to bask in the Danish Riviera

Eyewitness: Australia
James Litston takes an enthralling expedition cruise out of Kimberley

Visions: Venice
Kevin Pilley gets to grips with the guild of gondoliers

Wildlife Watch: Botswana
Jonathan and Angela Scott delight in the Okavango Delta

Eyewitness: Saint Kitts
James Litston samples sustainable luxury on the paradise island


Guest: Megan McCubbin
Mark Reynolds admires the TV zoologist’s dogged commitment to wildlife

Five Places That Changed My Life
Nick Hunt’s remarkable refuges

News & Reviews

News about Wexas Honorary Presidents

A Moveable Feast: Alabama
Simon Urwin tastes the burgeoning food scene of Birmingham

Wine: Azerbaijan
Simon Urwin discovers the boutique wineries of Baku

Hotels: Portugal
Palatial places to stay in Amares, Faro and Porto

Art of Travel: Australia
Remembering influential Aboriginal artist Barbara Weir

New releases to inspire and inform

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Traveller Magazine - Vol 53 No 1 2023 title

Traveller Magazine - Vol 52 No 2 2022

In our autumn issue of Traveller, we’ve roamed far and wide to bring you the very latest from the world of travel. Taking to the rails, we board the Ghan for a journey of luxury and intrigue across the Australian Outback. There’s also a voyage of a lifetime on the legendary Queen Mary 2 – the world’s only transatlantic liner.

More rugged adventures await on Denmark’s North Sea Coast and a sunny sojourn on a Greek island. There’s trekking in Bolivia, a drive along Mexico’s coastal route, paddling along the Orinoco in Venezuela and fishing boat forays amidst the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil’s version of the Galápagos. We’ll also whisk you away for a stay on a slightly surreal Vietnamese island, and our Honorary President Jonathan Scott provides a hard-hitting piece on lions.

Elsewhere, you’ll discover some splendid architecture and a sumptuous piece on Valencia, sampling its culinary delights, while our regular feast feature reveals Parsi food and rich historical detail.


Dream on: Georgia
Simon Urwin explores the religious heartland of Mtskheta

Portrait of a City: Valencia
Simon Urwin relishes the riches of Spain’s third city

Eyewitness: Vietnam
Guy Everton samples island life among Phú Quô´c Ridgebacks

Wildlife Watch: Africa
Jonathan and Angela Scott rue the demise of the Marsh Pride

Visions: Greece
Jennifer Barclay heads to the wilds of north Karpathos to spend a summer

Eyewitness: Scandinavia
Dorthe Nors revisits out-of-season Skagen and the northern spit of Denmark

Eyewitness: South and Central America
Off the beaten track in Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil


Guest: Barnaby Rogerson
Celebrating 40 years of Eland and on the road again with Don McCullin

Dream on: Budapest
Simon Urwin admires Hungary’s iconic parliament building

Five Places That Changed My Life
Ella Harvey’s inspirations across Asia and Africa 

News & Reviews

News about Wexas Honorary Presidents

Cruise: Queen Mary 2
Nick Maes goes for broke on board Cunard’s esteemed flagship

Inside Track: The Ghan
Monisha Rajesh cuts through Australia’s Red Centre

Destination Sardinia, Puglia and Punta Ala

A Moveable Feast: Farokh Talati
‘Good thoughts, good words and good deeds’ at the heart of Parsi cuisine and culture

Art of Travel: East Africa
Jonathan and Angela Scott’s safari colouring book

Must-read new releases on travel and nature

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Traveller Magazine - Vol 52 No 2 2022 title

Traveller Magazine - Vol 52 No 1 2022

Welcome to the latest issue of Traveller, the first issue of 2022 and the first since the world really opened its doors again. This time, we’ve taken the chance to roam further afield, from the mountains of Nepal to the Great Barrier Reef in all its technicolour glory. You’ll find inspiration in the icy reaches of Antarctica, meet the surreal animals of the Galápagos, climb mountains in Vietnam and hike through idyllic islands in the Seychelles, all through the eyes of our talented writers.

Taking to the rails, we traverse South Africa aboard Rovos Rail, one of the world’s most iconic trains, and take to the waves with Seabourn, both offering luxury in abundance. Further indulgence can be found in fabulous hotels in Mauritius, Rwanda and Scandinavia. And, there’s culture to delight in too, from Porto to Nashville to Stockholm, and in our odes to Venice and the curious hoopoe.  


Visions: Stockholm
Simon Urwin is enchanted by the city's historic heart

Visions: Nepal
Ruth Cox travels back in time

Portrait of a City: Nashville
Simon Urwin enjoys the soundtrack of the city

Eyewitness: Australia
James Litston whisks away to the Whitsundays

Visions: Porto
Simon Urwin celebrates the city’s ceramic facades

Eyewitness: Patagonia
Alexander Robinson prays for a storm at Cape Horn

Eyewitness: Vietnam
Guy Everton treks Pù Luông Nature Reserve

Wildlife Watch: Galapagos
Jonathan and Angela Scott explore an enchanted land

Visions: Greece
The idyllic Ionian island of Corfu

Eyewitness: Seychelles
Kevin Pilley takes a hike in paradise  


Guest: Dave Brosha
The Antarctic: a photographer’s dream

News & Reviews

News about Wexas Honorary Presidents

Inside Track: Rovos Rail
Monisha Rajesh makes tracks from Pretoria

Cruise: Seabourn
Robin West introduces the new fleet

Mauritius, Rwanda and Norway

A Moveable Feast: Asma Khan
A new cookbook and future plans for Darjeeling Express

Art of Travel
Majestic Venice in sketches and verse

Must-read new releases  

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Traveller Magazine - Vol 52 No 1 2022 title

Traveller Magazine - Vol 51 No 2 2021

In the latest issue of Traveller, Wexas Honorary President Colin Thubron takes us along the Amur River, while Jonathan Scott, another Honorary President, immerses us in the wonder of wildlife in a series of stunning images. We navigate the deserts of Arizona with the help of some striking signage, wander down the streets of New York and take a train ride through some of Canada’s most staggering scenery, before visiting Bahama for a party. The Maldives offers more serene island pleasures, Madeira a mix of fun in Funchal and moments of mountaintop solitude. Meanwhile Procida – the first island to be designated Italian Capital of Culture for 2022 – provides a beguiling picture of perfect seaside village life. You’ll also find contrasting yet equally compelling escapes in Seville and Scandinavia, and a series of stunning infinity pools located all over the world. Dive in! 


Dream on: Maldives
An island paradise

Portrait of a City: Seville
Adam Turner shares a personal perspective

Picture This: Infinity Pools
We dive into the world's best

Visions: New York
Simon Urwin takes us to the Freedom Tower

Picture This: Procida
Francesco Lastrucci presents Italy's new Capital of Culture

Changing World: Sacred Nature
Jonathan & Angela Scott shine a spotlight on the natural world 

Eyewitness: Madeira
Frederick Crowe enjoys the peaks and pleasures of the island

Visions: Arizona
Simon Urwin follows neon signs through a desert town

Eyewitness: Bahamas
Kevin Pilley has a musical interlude on Cat Island


Guest: Mr Toobelong and the Black Dragon
Colin Thubron tells us about his adventures along the Amur River

Dreaming in the Drome
Fergal Keane takes time out in Taulignan

Five Places: Ollie Dabbous
The acclaimed chef tells us about the five places that changed his life

News & Reviews

A collection of the best new travel writing

Scandi chic

Inside Track
All aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

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Traveller Magazine - Vol 51 No 2 2021 title

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